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The british photographer Julian Thomas moved to live in Barcelona/Spain in 2000. Previously he lived in Cambridge in the UK and worked as a sociology lecturer at the university there.

Therefore, it is perhaps not surprising that much of his work points to profound social and political relationships and is inspired by current global political events.



Agrupaciķn Fotogrāfica de Catalunya.
Barcelona. February 2003. "Impressions of Place."

Certamen National Taboracrom Ciudad de Talavera.
Nov/Dec 2002.

TheSight6. Estados Unidos, 'e' exhibition. "Signos Urbanos."
February 2002. 

La Rosa de Foc. "Signos Urbanos."
Barcelona, October 2001.

Scroop Terrace Gallery. "Form and Function."
Cambridge, UK. June 1992.

The Junction. "The Gig."
Cambridge, UK. November 1992.

London College of Dance. "Dancers."
Bedford, UK. 1990. 

publications   Catalogue of Certamen National Taboracrom Ciudad de Talavera.
SHOTS 78. December 2002 and SHOTS 76. June 2002.





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