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The pictures were taken as an emotional response to the events surrounding the Iraq war.
With a simple Holga camera, Julian shot the picture very spontaneously and instinctively. But looking back at the results, he could find three groups of pictures: rather threatening uprights, almost obelisks, shots of water, and then shots of objects at the photographer's feet which look rather like the shots of bombed cities we were seeing on TV. These were edited together with recurring themes/motives, rather like a musician structures a composition.

'Whenever I'm working with the Holga I'm working very intuitively.' This is in contrast to the other projects of Julian which can be very carefully planned and researched.


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The picture were taken with a medium format Holga camera,
are archival digital prints of 12 x 12 inch hand signed and mounted to 20 x 24 inch.

each print costs $800


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