uli weigelt

the artist's background




1968 – 1972


since 1974

Born in Neustadt near Coburg in Franconia, Germany

Completion of high school in Neustadt

Studies of Art & Art History at Gutenberg University in Mainz Germany

Graduation with degree in Art & Art History

Extensive travels in China, Japan, India , Central Asia , Australia, Indonesia and Taiwan


Already during his high school days in Franconia Uli Weigelt discovered his passionate love of art and art history. The excellent art instruction there prepared him for the course that he was later to pursue in the Art Department of the Gutenberg University in Mainz, where he had the opportunity of perfecting an already obvious talent for drawing and painting. Much of his success today he attributes to the excellent training he received in the early years. In the Art School within the Gutenberg University of Mainz Uli Weigelt perfected the techniques  of life drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting and water colours as well as the aquatint, wood-engraving  and calligraphic skills.

At first his main interest was in the area of naturalistic or realistic art. Gradually however he realised that abstraction was becoming the vehicle that would transport his inspirations. From his earliest days he has been fascinated by oriental cultures, especially the Chinese and Japanese and much of his study time was initially devoted to intensive occupation with the works of Utamaro and Hokusai. This influence is evident today in almost all of  his work; in almost every picture – even the smallest – the viewer can discover the metaphors and allegorical references that are at the quintessence of the oriental world. Yet, it is this meeting of East and West, this cultural interface, that lends excitement and indeed often mystery to the Weigelt works. Opulent colors and bold brush strokes are combined with the lavish use of gold leaf to transport natural phenomena to the abstract world on the canvas. Hermetic signs, letters and characters are also important carriers of meaning and are to be found in many Weigelt  paintings as significant graphic indicators within the abstract composition.

Uli Weigelt’s  pictures are to be found mainly in private collections all around Germany and also in England, France and Italy.

solo exhibitions

Comprehensive exhibitions of Uli Weigelt’s work have taken place at the following venues.







since 1991

Gallerie im Rathaus in Simmern, Germany

Gallerie im Kelterhaus in Winningen, Germany

Künstlerforum Willenberg, Mainz, Germany

Gallerie im Rathaus in Simmern, Germany

Künstler für die Insel, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

permanent exhibition of his work in his own studio in Mainz

group exhibitions  


Holzhausenschlösschen, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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